When plans were being made to refurbish and extend Woodend Barn, a popular arts and music venue near Banchory, Woodend Arts Association were keen to incorporate a sustainable heating system which would also reduce energy costs as well as renovation works which would improve the thermal efficiency of the building.

A wood fuel boiler system was chosen to highlight the development's environmental credentials and provide a showcase for others who are interested in adopting renewable energy. The project included major work to the original building and the addition of a brand new cafél bistro alongside the main venue.

A 100kW Austrian KWB boiler with two 1500 litre buffer tanks, installed by local company Phase NRG, provides heat and hot water to the main arts building, the new café and also to a neighbouring farmhouse. The installation has been designed to run on wood pellets but can be converted to run on wood chips with just a few adjustments to the boiler controls, and the fuel store has been designed to accommodate both pellets and chips.

The biomass boiler project was installed with support from Community Energy Scotland and The Scottish Government's Communities and Renewable Energy Scheme ["CARES"], Aberdeenshire Council, Leys Estate and Woodend Arts.


Meldrum House Country Hotel and Golf Course, on the outskirts of Oldmeldrum, is renowned as a luxury hotel, conference centre and wedding venue with fine food and a championship golf course. In 2009 the hotel installed a wood pellet boiler system to provide heat and hot water for the main house building and adjacent stable block. The system comprises two HDG 150kW pellet boilers with a 7500 litre thermal store.

In addition, a Solarfocus Therminator log boiler and 25kW pellet boiler were installed to heat the hotel golf course changing rooms and green-keeper's offices.

Peter Walker, the hotel's manager, said "Meldrum House is committed to energy conservation and sustainable tourism. The hotel was recently awarded the Silver Green Tourism Award and has also received the European five leaf award in recognition of our efforts."


To heat timber framed poultry shed 150ft x 50ft with a carbon neutral biomass air furnace to give whole shed space heating. In this instance the air furnace was installed within the poultry shed and the hot air distributed through a ducting air sock. For ease of storage the air furnace was fuelled by wood pellets.

Length of trial lasted 21 days.

The average outside temperature during trial was 7.5 degrees.

Poultry shed pre heated to 30degrees for 8 hours before arrival of 12000 chicks then

the temperature was reduced every 2 days.

Poultry shed set to constant 3% fresh air.

Fuel used over same period in next door shed 3280Ltrs LPG @ 0.25ppl = £820.00

Wood pellet used 2.8ton @ £150per tonne = £420.00

Money saved £400.00 over the 21 day period.

For more information, click here for the full case study


When planning a new venue from scratch, heating with wood fuel can be incorporated in the best possible way. This is exactly what happened when the Cow Shed Restaurant in Banchory opened its doors in November 2010. The new, modern building can seat 62 guests for lunch or dinner and has extensive kitchen facilities which are also used for cooking courses.

A Biotech 25 kW pellet boiler provides the building's under floor heating and hot water supply. Due to the distance to connect to the gas main supply, a wood fuel system was selected as the optimum solution. Careful pneumatic delivery of the pellets controls their integrity and minimises dust formation.

The installation benefited from a £22,600 grant towards the cost of installation from round 3 of the Scottish Biomass Heat Scheme [SBHS]. The Scottish Government backed scheme, funded by Scottish Government, Forestry Commission Scotland and the European Regional Development Fund lERDF], was launched in October 2008 to promote the uptake of biomass heat schemes, prior to the launch of the Renewable Heat Incentive lRH|]. [The scheme is now closed]

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