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Carbon Reduction- CO2 is taken from the atmosphere by trees during their life which is released back when burnt or during the natural process of decay. Even allowing for the carbon produced in planting, harvesting, sawing, transportation of timber and the manufacture and delivery of pellets, it is estimated that the net reduction in CO2 emissions is 90% better when comparing the use of Wood Pellets to Fossil Fuels.
Log fires were the main source of heat until people started using coal in the 1600's prior to the availability of Oil & Gas. Compared to the traditional open fires with up to 85% of useful heat being lost up the chimney the modern pellet stove is very energy efficient.

Wood Pellets are clean

Unlike most other fuels wood pellets are environmentally clean, when spilt they can be collected and used as fuel or compost, when burnt the ash produced can be used in the garden as a fertiliser.

Wood is a renewable fuel

The British Government ensures that timber harvesters never remove trees faster from the forest than it is being added to by natural growth, modern plantation methods make it possible to plant and harvest forests within a 30 year cycle.

Our pellets are manufactured from timber waste products produced through industrial processes, which in the past would have been burnt on open fires or land-filled. Whilst timber is used as a building and fencing material, there will always be off-cuts etc to feed the likes of pellet production.

1 ton of wood pellets can replace 400 litres of oil ! Saving 1072kg of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

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