Benefits of using Puffin Pellets Wood Fuel?  

    • Potentially reduce your fuel bills - click here to view our fuel comparison guide

    • Environmentally friendly

    • Carbon Neutral emissions

    • Clean and efficient fuels

    • Easily stored and transported

    • Appropriate for all buildings

    • Minimal Ash and no waste

    • Extremely easy to use

Pellets have the following advantages over other types of wood fuel

    • Less volume to transport and store (due to higher energy density)
    • Fewer deliveries
    • Consistent size and moisture content
    • Versatility - can be used in stoves and boilers
    • Less ash and emissions
    • Pellets are dry and can be stored without degrading
    • Flow like a liquid and can be used in automatic machinery
    • Easier to handle
    • Easier to ignite

Benefits of using Puffin Equine Pellets

    • Cost effective

    • Clean and comfortable solution

    • Environmentally friendly    

    • Created from 100% natural product.

    • Manufactured at high temperature to provide a sterile and low dust environment

    • Biodegradable nature means that it is easy to dispose of and can be used as a fertiliser or on the compost heap

    • Requires less space for storage – 1 bag  = 1 bale

Benefits of using Puffin Pellets as your pellet supplier

    • All our pellets are made at our factory in Banff, Scotland, so when you order from us it comes straight from the factory.

    • All our pellets are made only from 100% scottish virgin softwoods

    • Fleet of large capacity delivery vehicles for every quantity

    • Careful delivery to ensure minimal damage to pellets

    • Knowledgeable wood pellet consultants

    • Bagged deliveries across the UK, blown deliveries throughout Scotland

    • Fantastic value for money

    • Secure online ordering

    • Deliver to both domestic and non-domestic customers

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